"A true virtuoso."

1986 International Autoharp Champion

2006 Autoharp Hall of Fame

2012-13 McKnight Fellow


Autoharp Gourmet

Autoharp Gourmet

It's a CD! It's a book! It's BOTH! The newly re-mastered CD now combines the former tape and book set into one enhanced CD. $15.00



“The recording captures the exciting arrangements of one of the top autoharp players in the world… every autoharp player should listen to this.” — Becky Blackley, Autoharpoholic magazine

HOW IT WORKS: The CD will play the music as a normal CD when played on any CD player. But when put into the CD drive of your computer, open the CD as you would any other data CD (Windows Explorer, etc.), and you can access the entire book right off the CD. It's in Adobe Acrobat format, a commonly-used and free program (there's a link to its website right there). You can click through each page of the book, and print one page or the whole book. The music is written in complete autoharp tablature that includes a regular melody line, backup chords, additional chords for playing the melody, and the right-hand movements for the melody. All symbols are explained at the beginning of the book.

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Coming Up

  • Feb 7
    Florida Acoustic Winter Gathering,  Mt. Dora
  • May 12
    California Autoharp Gathering,  Dunlap, CA
  • Jun 11
    Ozark Folk Center,  Mountain View
  • Jun 24
    Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering,  Newport
  • Jul 19
    Swannanoa Gathering Old-Time Week,  Asheville