"A true virtuoso."

1986 International Autoharp Champion

2006 Autoharp Hall of Fame

2012-13 McKnight Fellow


Still Point

Still Point

“At the still point, there the dance is....” —T.S. Eliot

Still Point is an exciting instrumental collection featuring Karen's award-winning autoharp and dulcimer, plus bass dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, flute, uillean pipes, Northumbrian smallpipes, cello, concertina, low whistle and bouzouki.

Beginning with a jig recently composed by a member of the Swedish group Väsen, Still Point unifies a wonderful range of styles from old-time fiddle tunes and Irish pieces to “Linus and Lucy” (the Peanuts theme), work by Norman Blake, Edgar Meyer, Sting, and the original title cut by Karen. $15.00

“There are lots of autoharp and dulcimer technicians around, but as far as I'm concerned, none can hold a candle to what you'll hear on this marvelous, melodic, tasteful, thought-provoking, mesmerizing, unselfconscious collection of melodies....This one should appeal to anyone who'll give it a listen.” — Bill Spence, Andy's Front HallGuest performers: Bruce Bowers, Timothy Britton, Dick Hensold, Laura MacKenzie, Drew Miller, Anna Vazquez, and Matthew Zimmerman

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